Mini - 12U Deluxe Rack Stand

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Skeletek Mini - 12U Deluxe Rack Stand - No Wheels

The Mini - 12U Deluxe Rack Stand is a lighter duty rack made from 1.5MM thickness metal with 22” base. The new design is for smaller budget customers with up to 12 standard 19” 1U devices. 

Dimensions: 26 1/4" high x 24" wide x 22" deep 
Metal Thickness: 1.5 MM 
Coating: New Enamel anti-scratch finish 
Weight handling capacity: 400 pounds 
Rack weight: 20 lbs 
Wheels: Not included 

What is included:

- 8 sets of cage-nuts (4 per set). One set used for each device.
- All assembly screws, bolts, nuts, washers included. 2 socket wrenches. Assembly instructions (this is a new product, so the included assembly instructions are intended as a guide, and may show parts not included with this particular product).

-This rack does not include casters/wheels.  However, it is drilled for casters.  So, if you ever want to add wheels, you can simply bolt a standard set on (available at most local hardware stores).