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12U Basic Rack Stand


12U Basic Rack Stand

We have finally found and inexpensive solution so you can have basic rack stand for your CCNA certification lab. No need to have piles of routers and switches on your desk anymore or spending $500 for an industrial rack stand. This 12U stand comes with the rack itself and all the mounting screws to mount your routers that have rack mount kits*. It is small enough to place on a desk or even under a desk as it is only 22.5" high.

This is the ideal solution for a tight space and our kits up to 6 units. Once you get to 6 units in your CCNA or CCNP kit, you probably want to look at one of our Deluxe Racks for a more sturdy solution.

*Please note that the rack stand includes the rack stand and the screws to mount your rack mountable routers and switches to the rack. This does not include the rack mount kits for your routers and/or switches. The rack mount kits for your routers/switches need to be ordered separately. There is no way we can put together a bundle as we don't know what routers or switches you have or will be ordering. I hope this avoids any confusion. If it still is not clear, please ask.