10U Deluxe Rack Stand


Skeletek 10U Deluxe Rack Stand - No wheels

As your lab begins to grow, you need a heavy duty rack stand to accommodate all the weight of your equipment. Most people do not want a 42U rack at their house that costs two or three thousand dollars and takes up a huge chunk of space. That is why we are proud to offer our 10U deluxe home rack stand.   This is a perfect desktop or under your desk rack. This stands approximately 24" high and is sturdy enough to hold 400 lbs! It also comes with 8 sets of cage nuts to mount your rack kits. Finally, you will see that this solution is expandable with an 8U or 10U expansion expansion kit, shelving and PDU units available.

The is a pretty similar option to the 12U Mini Deluxe.  They are priced the same, so what is the trade-off?  The main difference is that the 12U Mini Deluxe has thinner mil rails, which is exchanged for 2U extra height.  The 10U Deluxe uses the full deluxe rails that are the thicker mil (heavy duty) and is slightly shorter.  The 10U Deluxe also has the thick top crossbeam that allows for expansion units, where the 12U Mini does not.  For most CCNA and Cisco labs, you are only using 6U of space in your rack, so either option gives you plenty of room to add units with the vast majority of labs.  

-This rack does not include casters/wheels.  However, it is drilled for casters.  So, if you ever want to add wheels, you can simply bolt a standard set on (available at most local hardware stores).