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HWIC-2a/s Smart Serial Interface Card

Cisco 2-Port Serial WAN Interface Card (HWIC-2a/s)

This is a great card for any lab kit.  Normal WIC cards will not work with the 1900 and 2900 series routers and they require HWIC cards instead.  However, WIC cards (with the same style port) are compatible across platforms.  For example, an 1841 or 2811 with a WIC-2a/s card can connect to a 1941 with a HWIC-2a/s card.

This card is a great solution for devices with limited HWIC slots because it provides two smart serial interfaces on one card, using only a single slot.


These use our Smart Serial-to-Smart Serial Crossover Cables:  https://shop.certificationkits.com/smart-serial-to-smart-serial-crossover-cable/