HWIC-8A Access Server Kit

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HWIC-8A Access Server Conversion Kit

This is a great option to implement a more current access server technology into your lab!  For close to the same price as the stand alone 2509 or 2511 access server, you can convert one of your existing routers or add another router, then turn into a functional access server!  You will be adding (1) HWIC-8A card and (1) CAB-HD8-ASYNC cable to add 8 connections for your devices.  Please note that this conversion kit does not come with a router, so you will need to add one that is compatible if you do not have an existing device.  Your device will also need an available HWIC slot for this to work.  The 1841 will be the cheapest option here, however router such as the 2811 or 2821 are great affordable options too because they have (4) available slots.  


(1) Cisco HWIC-8A 8-Port Asynchronous EIA-232 High-Speed WAN Interface Card

(1) CAB-HD8-ASYNC Cabl


1841, 1941, 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 2901, 2911, 2921, 38xx, 39xx