Cisco CCNA Certification Training CBT DVD

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Cisco CCNA Certification Training CBT DVD

Our Cisco CCNA Computer Based Training (CBT) series consists of 44 videos and over 22 hours of training.

This DVD does cover a lot of legacy material and is not entirely up to date, however it still has a great deal of very useful knowledge that every engineer should know and will run into on the job.  We used to sell this DVD for a few hundred dollars, but since it is not completely current on the new topics, have priced it super affordably for those who want to widen the scope of their curriculum.  At about $1.00 per hour of training, you can't go wrong!  There is still a lot of overlap here with the current exam, so you will get a lot of topics covered that are on there, just not every topic.   

This will come as a plain disc in a disc sleeve.

Topics Covered:

Course Introduction and Overview
Binary and Hexadecimal Number Conversion
Networking Basics with the OSI
Connecting to Your Cisco Device
Moving Around in the User Interface
Switching Basics
Spanning Tree
Basic Switch Configuration / Switchport Security
Basic Router Configuration

Troubleshooting Router Connectivity
Securing the Router with Passwords and Password Recovery
Viewing and Managing Router Files
IOS Recovery
Telnetting From the Router
Routing Basics
Routing with Static Routes
Routing Protocols Overview
Distance Vector Concepts

OSPF Overview
OSPF and Designated Routers
Designing OSPF
OSPF Configuration
EIGRP Concepts
EIGRP Configuration
Inter-VLAN Routing
Route Summarization
Security Device Manager
Wireless Communication

ISDN Concepts
Configuration of ISDN
Advanced ISDN Concepts (includes Dialer Pools and PRI)
Getting to Know Frame Relay
Configuring Frame Relay
Access List Concepts
Standard Access List Configuration
Extended Access List Configuration
Access List Configuration Enhanced Concepts