Cisco CCNA Security Lab Workbook


Cisco CCNA Security Lab Workbook

The only authorized Lab Portfolio for the new Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Security Course

  • Gives CCNA Security students a comprehensive, printed and bound lab resource containing all of the course's labs, for use whenever Internet access isn't available
  • Handy printed format lets students easily highlight and make notes
  • Page correlations link to the online curriculum
  • Covers the latest CCNA Security Course, from threats to firewalls, cryptography to VPNs

The Cisco CCNA Security curriculum provides foundational network security knowledge, practical experience, opportunities for career exploration, and soft-skills development to help students prepare for careers with network security responsibilities. CCNA Security includes a comprehensive set of hands-on, online laboratories. To complement these, many students and instructors have requested a printed resource that can be used to study in places where Internet access may not be available. CCNA Security Lab Portfolio is that resource.

Drawn directly from the online curriculum, it covers every lab presented in this course, addressing all these areas of network security:

  • Modern network security threats
  • Securing network devices
  • Authentication, authorization and accounting
  • Implementing firewall technologies
  • Implementing intrusion prevention
  • Securing LANs
  • Cryptography
  • Implementing VPNs
  • Putting it all together

CCNA Security Lab Portfolio gives students new flexibility to study these hands-on labs offline, highlight key points, and take handwritten notes. All topics are correlated directly to online web pages, helping you easily switch between offline and online content. Additional notes pages will be included between each lab for use as a notebook in class. A separate Answer Key is available in the Cisco Academy Connection area of Cisco's web site.