SSM-10 Module for ASA 5510

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Cisco ASA 5500 Series Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module

SSM-10 Context Security and Control Services Module which provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, file blocking, anti-spam, anti-phisihing, URL blocking and filtering, and content filtering.


***This module is compatible with the ASA-5510 and will NOT work with the ASA-5505.


Cisco ASA AIP SSM-10


Concurrent threat mitigation throughput (firewall and IPS services)

  150 Mbps with Cisco ASA 5510
  225 Mbps with Cisco ASA 5520

Global Correlation support

  25,000+ threats

Threat protection

Day-zero protection with anomaly detection

Custom signature support

Virtual sensors

Technical Specifications


1 GB


256 MB