Pure XE Elite CCNP Enterprise & CCNA Platinum Kit


XE Elite CCNP Enterprise & CCNA Full Topology Kit

The XE Elite Series Kits are our top of the line lab kit options.  This kit is the ultimate solution to cover BOTH the CCNP Enterprise exam & the CCNA 200-301 exam!  The new CCNP Enterprise Certification made a new change to the device quantity.  For years the CCNP always required a four router and four switch topology.  With the new certification, Cisco has reduced this down to only a three router and three switch topology.  This is great news because this means CCNP is now more affordable than ever!  With less devices required for your CCNP kit, you can also put your buying power into a lower number of higher end devices.  Since the topology matches the routing and switching elements, you can even cover the CCNA Security Badge requirements exactly, while getting ready for CCNP Security by adding an ASA 5506-X firewall with firePOWER services to the lab!  This lab provides so many opportunities right at your finger tips, while also allowing for enhanced scalability.  

This kit matches the router and serial port requirements posted by Cisco exactly.  The 4321 sec/k9 routers actually exceeds the recommended 4221 sec/k9 routers, so you have a push ahead of the game right from the start!  The kit comes with (2) NIM-2T (swapped with NIM-1T where needed for availability) and two smart serial cables to complete those requirements.  

Cisco has done something interesting with the switches this time around, but do not worry, we are researching hard and following closely!  The new recommended switches are (1) 2960+24TC-L and (2) 3650-24TS-E.  This kit comes standard with (1) 2960-TT-L switch that will directly line up with recommended IOS.  While Cisco's official posting is for the WS-C2960+24TC-L switch, these are considerably more expensive and offer no added benefit over the 24TT-L model that we use as our standard.  They run the same IOS and that is all that matters.  So, instead of charging you for a higher end model for the 2960, we once again found a solution to save you money!  With that being said, we can of course customize the kit to include the 2960+ switches if you want them.

Concerning the 3650-24TS-E switches, we are not currently building our lab kits with these as standard offerings.  The problem here is that these switches are still incredibly expensive on the market and we have no evidence yet that they will provide enough benefit to justify the cost.  On top of that, if you want the stacking option on these, separate modules are required (unlike the 3750v2).  We suspect that, since these switches have a built in wireless controller, that they may play a small role in the wireless topics on the exam.  However, there is still no concrete evidence to this.  Even if our hunch is correct, we still expect this to be a very minimal percentage of the exam that wouldn't be enough for us to recommend the price increase to add these switches to this lab.  We are actually considering that adding a stand alone wireless controller, once we see the official curriculum posted and confirm it is essential, will likely be cheaper for our customers than implementing these switches.  So, for right now, we are very confident that our included options with this kit are a much more financially reasonable solution, while providing the very vast majority of the capability you need to complete all of the labs.  To back this up, we are the only company that offers an awesome trade-up program, so you have very little risk in taking our advice and saving a likely unnecessary cost.  However, if you really do want to add 3650 or even 3850 switches to your lab, we can certainly customize this kit out however you like!  Just let us know and we'll be happy to help! 

For the single 2960, we have included an option to upgrade this to a 3750v2 with a stackwise cable.  This way, you can make all of your switches match if you like and take full advantage of their stacking capabilities!  (You will also need the stacking cable bundle if you want to stack all three 3750v2 after the upgrade).

We have worked in partnership with Cisco NetAcad instructors and CCIEs to release our kits that are ready for the CCNP Enterprise & CCNA 200-301 exam.  CCNP and CCNA are hotter and trending more than they ever have! Always remember that as the Cisco certification program progresses, it proves more and more that you know your stuff! With this, so does the amount of money you can expect to make as a Cisco Certified Network Engineer!  This is one of the fastest growing fields in the world and with that comes the rewards, if you have the drive!  Passing the new CCNA demonstrates that you have the skills and know what it takes to advance quickly in the IT world.  We promise you, scouts and HR representatives are hunting down qualified CCNAs more than ever before.  Then passing the CCNP really demonstrates that you are among the elite in the field.  CCNP is a prominent and high status position to be in, worldwide!

All of our CCNP Enterprise / CCNA 200-301 Kits will come with the CCNP Route, Switch, TShoot and CCNA 200-125 study materials to get you started.  We have a brand new digital reader program we are very excited about releasing and will be sending out the free digital upgrade to the 200-301 Theory Book, Lab Workbook and Revised Subnetting Guide by mid-March 2020.  The CCNP Enterprise Theory books will be tailing these with an expected release date towards the end of quarter 2, 2020.  We do not publish our new books until after Cisco publishes theirs to 100% ensure that everything is covered to the highest quality, directly inline with what is on the exam. So, you get BOTH sets of study materials and that means extra content and extra labs!  What do you have to lose?  We will continue to bring you only the best labs on the market!  These have been test proven and have helped thousands obtain their certifications over our 20+ years of being the premiere source for Cisco lab kits.  These are written by not only by highly certified individuals, but by passionate, hands on professionals who work with students every day and know what it takes to succeed through experience! 

Real hardware will always be the best solution to best prepare you for certification and career success!  We can assure you that HR representatives will be thrilled to know that you have worked on real equipment and even have your own lab equipment!  We are even finding that, “What does your home lab look like?” has become a common interview question as a way to weed out candidates that have never even touched real equipment.  Simulators have spent a long time trying to mimic the real thing and after many years, they are still full of problems and capability issues. If you want to do things the right way, that will give you the best edge you can get on all fronts, real hardware is the best way to go.  Remember, this is an investment in your future that will pay itself off quickly if you are dedicated. Networking remains one of the fastest growing career paths in the world and there is only room to grow!

Nowhere else can you get our copyrighted CertificationKits Self Study CCNA Lab Workbook that will walk you through 60 different labs!  We would confidently argue that we have the best lab workbook on the market that has 1000s of success stories from helping candidates achieve their certification goals! 

You will also get our How and Why We Subnet Workbook that will have you mastering subnetting in no time!  We find that the number one reason for failing the CCNA exam is due to running out of time. This is almost always because too much time was wasted on subnetting questions and not spent on the more difficult configuration questions where time is needed most.  This book does an incredible job of getting you up to lighting speed to whip right through those tedious subnettng questions!   

To cover the theory end of the exam, we provide our theory eBook that breaks everything down into a very easy to understand presentation.  We have refined everything into a bootcamp, slide-like styled book that doesn’t bombard you with endless, redundant text that dances around the key points.  We cover everything and hit the key points right on the head so you are sure to be prepared for anything with a streamlined experience.  

Why would you spend hundreds of dollars or more on a lab kit if you don't get the labs that accompany your equipment?  Other companies offer training packages, but they are generic or simply selling someone else's product that isn’t designed to work directly with your equipment.  To ensure the highest quality, we invest an incredible amount of energy into providing CCNA training materials that are written by us and have been refined for over two decades.  We are passionate about providing the best for our customers and love nothing more than when we get an email back from a customer with a snapshot of their EXAM PASSED certificate.  Also included, is our CertificationKits ICND1, ICND2 & CCNA Exam Simulator with over 450 different questions that will be similar to those you will see on the actual exam. Finally, our TFTP Server, Subnet Calculator, 35 CCNA Instructional Videos and so much more.

We want to make a special note here that there is a field notice from Cisco on the 4000 series router in regards to a clocking bug.  We ONLY sell 4000 series routers that are 100% cleared of this bug.  Please do not be fooled by sellers that are misleading you by selling you a device with known issues!

Hardware Included:

  • Three 4321 SEC/K9 Security Licensed Routers (Exceeds and has more capability than the Cisco recommended 4221) IOS 16.09.04.SPA Capable
  • One Cisco 2960-TT-L Switches (Supports 15.0(2) IOS) and IPv6 addressing and can do very limited Layer 3 static routing.
  • Two 3750v2 Fully Dynamic, True Layer Three 24 port FastEthernet with 15.0(2)SE10 IP Services IOS
  • Two NIM-2T or Four NIM-1T (depending on availability)
  • Three Smart to Smart Serial Cables 
  • Four Ethernet Patch Cables
  • Ten Ethernet Crossover Cables
  • Cisco Console Kit
  • Power Cords

Additional Items Include:

  • CertificationKits CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT Boot Camp Study Guide eBooks ($59.97 value)
  • 470 Page CCNA Lab Workbook Covering 60+ Labs! ($44.99 value)
  • How & Why We Subnet Workbook ($19.99 value)
  • CCENT, ICND2 & CCNA Practice Exam Simulators ($149.97 value) (Includes practice test files and trial of software.  Software requires paid activation past the free trial) 
  • CCENT, ICND2 & CCNA Boot Camp Study Guide eBooks ($109.97 value)
  • CCNA CRAM Sheet ($14.99 value)
  • TCP/IP Study Poster ($9.99 value)
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CertificationKits Binary Bits Game
  • 50 CCNA Instructional Videos
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco Router Password Decryptor
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Port Scanner nmap-7.80
  • npcap-0.9987 & WinPcap 4.1.3
  • WireShark 1.10.05 & 3.2.1
  • TeraTerm & Putty Terminal Emulators
  • Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.4
  • IOS Backup as noted above for the routers and switches
  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Series Routers

The Optional Wireless Access Point Option comes with an 1142 Wireless AP and the power brick for the unit.  Once again, you do not need this to get through the wireless component of the 200-301 exam.  However, this is a pretty cheap add-on that will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge past the exam.  There is nothing wrong with being a little over-prepared!  

The Supplemental CCNA Training DVD is about 22+ hours of extra CCNA level training in a video format.  Do you need this to pass your exam?  Absolutely not because all the training your need is already included with your kit!  This DVD does cover a lot of legacy material and is not entirely up to date, however it still has a great deal of very useful knowledge that every engineer should know and will run into on the job.  We used to sell this DVD for a few hundred dollars, but have priced it super affordably for those who want to widen the scope of their curriculum.  There is still a lot of overlap here with the current exam, so you will get a lot of topics covered that are on there, just not every topic.   

The FTDI Console Cable Upgrade swaps out the classic console cable for this new solution to complete your console connection. This is our newest option for your console connection. This cable has the new FTDI chip installed and eliminates the need for both the classic console connection and the USB-Serial Adapater!  It goes directly from USB to RJ-45! Another great bonus to this, from our testing, is that it has a near perfect success rate in the break sequence working! (used to reset the router, password recovery, etc). This is a big bonus because the converters can be a bit of a pain in that department.  All around, this is an excellent addition to any techs tool box!  *If you do not have a 9-Pin serial port on your computer (most modern computers do not) or a USB-to-Serial converter, you will need this to complete your console (management) connection.  We highly recommend this.

The Access Server is purely a convenience tool and not a requirement for your exam.  While these are common device types in data centers everywhere and a great thing to have knowledge of, they are not a requirement to pass your exam.  However, if you don't want to physically move a cable every time you change devices, have an interest in remote access possibilities, or want to broaden you knowledge, an access server is a great device to have in your kit!  If you decide to purchase an access server, be sure to also add a transceiver to your cart.  This is a cheap add-on that opens up a lot of options with this device.  https://shop.certificationkits.com/transceiver/

This is a complete Cisco certification kit and much more than just the hardware to build a lab.  Obviously we include the hardware you need, but we also include ALL of the study material you need to pass your exam in one kit.  No other kit on the market offers such an in-depth solution that will have your prepared from every angle!  

For more info on access servers, please follow this link:  https://www.certificationkits.com/what-is-an-access-server-or-terminal-server-in-my-ccent-ccna-lab/

The option to Add 2 Additional NIM Smart serial ports & Cable will increase your cards and cables to (6) total smart serial ports and (3) smart to smart serial cables.  The official hardware list from Cisco only requires a total of (4) smart serial ports and (2) cables.  We made this option available for anyone who wants to have serial connections across all of their routers.  This adds further scalability and expansion opportunities to your lab, while allowing to explore the materials in even further depth.

*Due to high demand, in some cases, XE kits may have a short lead time*

Please note that it is company policy not to alter the IOS of any internal flash device.  We provide an IOS backup disc for educational purposes that will have backups of the IOS mentioned in the kit description.  These are for educational training and recovery purposes.