Cisco 4331 Sec/K9 Security Router

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Cisco 4331 Base Router

 This is our top of the line standard Cisco router offering and one of the highest end models in the Cisco 4000 Series! This version of the 4331 comes with both the IP Base License AND the Permanent Security Licenses. These are going to run IOS XE and are IOS 16.09.04.SPA or better Capable. If you want an EXACT match to Cisco's 200-301 CCNA hardware list, this is the router that makes a direct match and also has additional security features/capability unlocks. Additionally, since this version has the Permanent Security License, it is ALSO a direct match (actually exceeds) for the new CCNP exams! It covers both levels of certification paths.


Rack height 1 RU

Memory 4 GB (default) / 16 GB (max)

Flash Memory 4 GB (default) / 16 GB (max)

Power-supply options Internal: AC and PoE

Aggregate Throughput 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps

Total onboard WAN or LAN 10/100/1000 ports 3

RJ-45-based ports 2

SFP-based ports 2

Enhanced service-module (SM-X) slot 1

NIM (Network Interface Modules) slots 2

Onboard ISC slot 1

IOS XE 16.x Capable

We want to make a special note here that there is a field notice from Cisco on the 4000 series router in regards to a clocking bug.  We ONLY sell 4000 series routers that are 100% cleared of this bug.  Please do not be fooled by sellers that are misleading you by selling you a device with known issues!

*Please note that it is company policy not to alter the IOS of any internal flash device.  We provide an IOS backup disc for educational purposes that will have backups of the IOS mentioned in the kit description.  These are for educational training and recovery purposes.