CertificationKits CCNP Enterprise ENCORE & ENARSI Bundle

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CertificationKits CCNP Enterprise ENCORE & ENARSI Bundle

ENCORE 350-401 & ENARSI 300-410 Boot Camp & Theory eBooks


Desktop & Mobile Compatible!  IOS & Android friendly!

We are pleased to announce our new CertificationKits CCNP Enterprise ENCOR 350-401 & ENARSI 300-410 Boot Camp & Theory eBook Bundle!  We know you will love our latest revision to our CCNP study guide that has been built upon through two decades of being an exceptional tool in the success of Cisco certification candidates.  The CertificationKits CCNP Enterprise ENCOR 350-401 & ENARSI 300-410 Boot Camp & Theory eBook Bundle totals nearly 2000 pages of easy to read and understand content!  When purchasing both ebooks together as a bundle, you get a discounted bundle price versus purchasing them separately.   

We have worked in collaboration with CCIEs and actual Cisco Netacad professors to ensure that we have the strongest match of knowledge meeting hands on experience with students.  This was written by authors who not only know how to unlock students' capability to learn, but also know what it takes to beat that test!  This CCNP study guide is 999 pages of power packed information written in an easy to understand format that maximizes your time and understanding!  It not only follows the format of the new CCNP curriculum, but also works as a perfect companion to the Cisco Press CCNP ENCOR Lab Workbook.

With the latest revision of the CCNP curriculum, Cisco removed the prerequisite of having to hold a CCNA before you can take the CCNP.  So, if you have some experience and are confident in your networking knowledge, you could go straight to taking the CCNP ENCOR and ENARSI exams!  Once you complete CCNP ENCOR, you can move on to CCNP ENARSI to complete your CCNP Enterprise certification.  CCNP ENCOR serves as the core requirements for CCNP and CCIE Enterprise.  CCNP ENARSI completes the CCNP Enterprise Certification.

With this release, we even took things a step further by upgrading to our new awesome eBook reader through LockLizard.  This is the same engine that Cisco actually uses to protect and distribute their corporate documents.  This makes it extra cool because it is a format you will see in the field as a working network engineer.  This new ebook reader works on multiple platforms such as PC, MAC, IOS, Android, etc.  We include 2 activations with each purchase so you can install it on a desktop AND a mobile device, for example.  On top of that you can highlight, make notes and work directly with your document.

Please feel free to check out a demo of the first chapter of this our CCNA Theory eBook.  This will give you a good feel for the new reader and format of our theory eBooks:

1.  Download and install the LockLizard viewer for your IOS and device type from this link:  LockLizard Viewer

2.  Download and install the License file for the eBook:  License File 

(If you don't see it open, the window for the license file may pop-up behind your active windows)

3,  Download and open the .Pdc eBook file: eBook File

The download and install is very straightforward and simple, but if you get stuck, please click here for a help guide on opening your eBook demo or official purchase.  Upon purchase a unique license file and a .pdc file will be emailed to you.

(For full detailed table of contents, please see the individual listing for these eBooks)


Section 1: Switching

Chapter 1: VLANs & Trunking

Chapter 2: Spanning Tree Protocol

Chapter 3: Advanced Spanning Tree Protocol

Chapter 4: EtherChannel

Section 2: Routing

Chapter 5: Routing Overview

Chapter 6: EIGRP

Chapter 7: OSPF

Chapter 8: Introduction to IPv6

Chapter 9: BGP

Section 3: IP Services

Chapter 10: Foundation Topics

Chapter 11: Network Address Translation (NAT) 

Chapter 12: First Hop Redundancy Protocols

Chapter 13: IP Multicasting

Chapter 14: QoS

Section 4:Security

Chapter 15: Device Access Control & Security Devices

Chapter 16: VPN

Chapter 17: ACL.

Section 5: Wireless

Chapter 18: Wireless Infrastructure

Chapter 19: Authenticating Wireless Clients

Section 6: Architecture

Chapter 20: Enterprise Network Architecture

Chapter 21: Fabric Technologies

Chapter 22: Network Assurance

Section 7: SDN

Chapter 23: Virtualization

Chapter 24: Network Programmability



Section 1: IP & Routing Overview

Chapter 1: IPv4/IPv6 Addressing & Troubleshooting

Chapter 2: Routing Overview & Troubleshooting

Section 2: EIGRP

Chapter 3: Basic EIGRP

Chapter 4: Advanced EIGRP

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting EIGRP

Section 3: OSPF

Chapter 6: Basic OSPF

Chapter 7: Advanced OSPF

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting OSPF

Chapter 9: OSPFv3

Section 4: BGP

Chapter 10: Advanced BGP

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting BGP

Section 5: Redistribution & Route Maps

Chapter 12: Route Redistribution

Chapter 13: Route Maps and Conditional Forwarding

Section 6: VPN

Chapter 14: MPLS

Chapter 15: DMVPN

Section 7: Infrastructure Security & Device Management

Chapter 16: Infrastructure Security

Chapter 17: Device Management & Tools