CCNA 200-125 Study Value Pack


CCNA 200-125 Study Value Pack  

Fully Revised and Updated for the current exam!

Due to popular demand we have created a CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 Study Value Pack consisting of most of our CCNA v3.0 training materials for your CCNA 200-125 exam.  Until now, these items were only available for purchase individually or as a part of our acclaimed CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 kits.  Now we have created our CCNA R&S Study Value Pack which provides you a value bundle price for getting all of them at once.

Included in our CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 Value Pack you get the following:

1) Our CCNA Lab Workbook v3.0 200-125 which will step you through 470 pages and over 70 different labs with explanations on what you are doing so you will fully understand the concepts.

2) Our CCNA Subnetting Lab Workbook which is 100 pages and will help you understand subnetting inside and out with informative explanations and tons of problems and scenarios for you to solve.

3) Our Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 Training CD with Practice Exam Simulator with in-depth scenario questions like you will see on the real exam.You will get various articles, free tools and most importantly a test engine to help you prepare for your CCNA Routing & Switching exam! Some of the feature highlights of our practice exam simulator include:

• Certification Mode to simulate a real exam

• Study Mode to pick the topics and concepts you want to review

• Comprehensive detailed explanations on why the answers are right and wrong!

• Profile Support to save your exam results to review later

• Mark for review capability to review concepts at a later time

• Detailed scoring and ability to print your exam with explanations!

So let's take a look below at a sample question from our exam simulator. Notice this is not the type of question you can memorize or brain dump. These are the types of questions that will help you pass your CCNA exam the first time! So download our free trial and after you like it, you can purchase it here! Free CCNA Exam Simulator Trial Download!

As an added bonus to your purchase we will also include for free the following for your CCNA studies:

  • 20 CCNA Instructional Videos
  • CertificationKits Binary Bits Game
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server

4) Our CCNA CRAM Sheet. This handy 3 page, front and back full color laminated CRAM sheet provides you a portable study center.Take it anywhere so you can easily review your CCNA R&S concepts without carrying bulky books.Especially bring it on exam day to do some last minute cramming before you sit your CCNA test.

5) Our CCNA TCP/IP Study Poster .This color poster is great to hang in your cube or lab area.It clearly illustrates the TCP/IP protocol suite and provides a chart comparing IPv4 vs IPv6.  We are sure you will love it!

So take advantage of this offer to get all these items which normally retail for over $150 for the discounted price of $69.99!

***For a Limited Time you can add our $199 CCNA Video CBT to your CCNA Routing & Switching Study Value Pack for the low price of $50.00. Act now while the offer is still valid!

We have just recently decided to make our CCENT, ICND2 and CCNA Boot Camp Study Guide eBooks an add-on option to our study value pack!  These will be the theory component that fully supplements the CCNA 200-125 Lab Workbook.  

If you have wanted to attend a Cisco CCNA 200-125 Boot Camp but you just could not afford the $5,000+ for tuition and the week off of work? Then we have the solution for you! We are pleased to announce the availability of our CCNA Boot Camp Study Guide. This is the same study guide you would receive if you attend one of our CCNA boot camps. This CCNA study guide is 901 pages long and follows the format of an official curriculum book in that it has a Power Point slide at the top of each page and text describing the concept below it. So, how are we able to deliver this to you for only $39.99? It is delivered in a locked eBook format (this is to prevent illegal sharing as we spent over 1,000 hours creating it). We cover all the topics on the new CCNA 200-125 exam. Below we have outlined the chapters covered and provided a PDF sample chapter covering Advanced IOS Management.

Chapter 1 – Networks Defined
Chapter 2 – CIsco Router and Switch Interfaces plus Ethernet
Chapter 3 – Managing a Cisco Internetwork
Chapter 4 – TCP/IP Addressing & Subnetting
Chapter 5 – IP Routing
Chapter 6 – Layer 3 Redundancy
Chapter 7 – Advanced TCP/IP
Chapter 8 – Security
Chapter 9 – Internet Connectivity Using Network Address Translation
Chapter 10 – Switching
Chapter 11 - Introduction to IPv6
Chapter 12 - Support for Network Management Protocols
Chapter 13 – Wide Area Networks
Chapter 14 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining Switch Based Problems
Chapter 15 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining Routing Based Solutions
Chapter 16 - Cloud Computing
Chapter 17 - Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Chapter 18 - Wireless LAN


This 470+ page Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 Self-Study Lab Workbook will walk you through 60 different CCNA Routing & Switching lab scenarios. That comes out to about seventy five cents per lab! What a deal! Below you will find a list of all the labs covered:

What is covered in our 470 page CCNA Lab Workbook? Below you will see listed all the labs in the workbook. Please note that depending on the routers and switches in your lab, you may or may not be able to fully complete every lab.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cisco Routers

  • Lab 1-1 Identifying Router Components and Accessories 
  • Lab 1-2 Router Connectivity 
  • Lab 1-3 Identify Router and Switch IOS

Chapter 2 General Router Configuration Tasks

  • Lab 2-1 Cisco 1700/1800/2500/2600 Series Passwords & Password Recovery 
  • Lab 2-2 Configure Login, EXEC, and MOTD Banners 
  • Lab 2-3 Configuring the Password Encryption Service 
  • Lab 2-4 Exec Timeout and Login Failure Rate 
  • Lab 2-5 Installing a TFTP Server & Overview 
  • Lab 2-6 Upgrading the IOS on a Router 
  • Lab 2-7 Cisco Licensing

Chapter 3 Configuring a Terminal Server

  • Lab 3-1 Terminal Server Setup

Chapter 4 Configuring Static Routes

  • Lab 4-1 Static Routing 
  • Lab 4-2 Default Routing

Chapter 5 Configuring Routers using RIP/RIPV2 Protocol

  • Lab 5-1 RIPV2 Routing

Chapter 6 Configuring Routers using the EIGRP Protocol

  • Lab 6-1 EIGRP Routing 
  • Lab 6-2 EIGRP Split-Horizon

Chapter 7 Configuring Routers using the OSPF Protocol

  • Lab 7-1 OSPF Routing 
  • Lab 7-2 Multi-Area OSPF Routing

Chapter 8 Configuring Routers using EBGP Protocol

  • Lab 8-1 Border Gateway Routing Protocol(EBGP)

Chapter 9 Configuring Catalyst Switches

  • Lab 9-1 Cisco 2900/3500 Switch Password Recovery 
  • Lab 9-2 Switching and VLAN Introduction 
  • Lab 9-3 Trunking 
  • Lab 9-4 VTP/VTPV2 
  • Lab 9-5 Spanning Tree Protocol 
  • Lab 9-6 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol 
  • Lab 9-7 Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol 
  • Lab 9-8 Inter-VLAN Routing 
  • Lab 9-9 Configuring an EtherChannel Link 
  • Lab 9-10 Configuring EtherChannel Using PAgP 
  • Lab 9-11 Configuring EtherChannel Using LACP 
  • Lab 9-12 Configuring a PortChannel Interface 
  • Lab 9-13 ConfiguringSwitchPort Port Security 
  • Lab 9-14 Configuring Local Span

Chapter 10 Configuring Access Lists, VTY Access and AAA Authentication

  • Lab 10-1 Standard ACL 
  • Lab 10-2 Extended ACL 
  • Lab 10-3 Named ACL 
  • Lab 10-4 IPV6 Access-list 
  • Lab 10-5 Trusted Hosts 
  • Lab 10-6 Controlling VTY Access 
  • Lab 10-7 AAA Authentication

Chapter 11 Configuring Network Services

  • Lab 11-1 Cisco Discovery Protocol 
  • Lab 11-2 Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) 
  • Lab 11-3 DHCP, DHCP Relay & DHCP Exclusions 
  • Lab 11-4 DNS 
  • Lab 11-5 Configuring NTP 
  • Lab 11-6 Configuring Logging to a Remote Syslog Server 
  • Lab 11-7 NetFlow 
  • Lab 11-8 Routing Redundancy with HSRP and VRRP 
  • Lab 11-9 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Chapter 12 Configuring Network Address Translation

  • Lab 12-1 Static Inside Source Address Translation 
  • Lab 12-2 Dynamic NAT 
  • Lab 12-3 Overloading an Inside Global Address

Chapter 13 Configuring Encapsulation Types

  • Lab 13-1 PPP Encapsulation 
  • Lab 13-2 PPP PAP Authentication 
  • Lab 13-3 PPP CHAP Authentication 
  • Lab 13-4 Configuring MultilinkPPP(MLPPP) 
  • Lab 13-5 Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet(PPPoE) 

Lab 13-6 HDLC Encapsulation

  • Chapter 14 Configuring IPV6 Addressing 
  • Lab 14-1 IPv6 Link Local Addressing 
  • Lab 14-2 IPv6 EUI-64 Addressing 
  • Lab 14-3 IPv6 Site Local Addressing 
  • Lab 14-4 IPv6 Global Addressing 
  • Lab 14-5 Configuring EIGRP IPv6 Routing 
  • Lab 14-6 Configuring Basic IPv6 OSPFv3

Chapter 15 Configuring IPSec

  • Lab 15-1 Configuring an IPSec Tunnel 
  • Lab 15-2 GRE Over IPSec Virtual Tunnel

Chapter 16 Installing & Configuring Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP)

  • Lab 16-1 Installing & Configuring Cisco Configuration Professional


The Study Value Pack also includes our CCNA Cram Sheet!  This is a fold out, laminated quick reference guide that is jam packed full of the essentials!  This is the perfect companion to bring with you on exam day for the last minute crunch time!



Last, but not lease is out TCP/IP Poster!  This is another "cliff notes" style quick reference guide full of the best info!  Stick it on your wall and let it soak in every day!