Special CCNA Discount Kit

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Special CCNA Discount Kit

We currently have some overstock on 2821 and 2960-S.  So, we built a few kits at a special discounted price to help our customers looking for a great deal.  The 2821 routers in this kit are a little more on the heavy side, so the shipping might be a little more than order kits, but the discount on the the devices makes up for that.  One benefit to point out on this kit is that the 2821 routers are all gigabit.  So, this is the cheapest option if you want to have gigabit connections across all of your routers.


This kit come with the same study materials as any of the standard CCNA options we offer.


 Hardware Included:

  • Three Cisco 2821 256/128 Router (Dual Gigabit router supports 15.1-4.M10 Advanced Enterprise)
  • Three Cisco 2960-TT-S Switches Supports IOS 15 LanLite
  • Three Ethernet Patch Cables
  • Three Ethernet Crossover Cables
  • Cisco Console Kit
  • Power Cords

Additional Items Include:

  • 450 Page CCNA 200-301 Lab eWorkbook Covering 60+ Labs Plus Bonus Labs That Go Beyond the Scope of CCNA For Extra Real World Experience! ($57.99 value)
  • 864 Page Bootcamp & Theory eBook that covers every 200-301 CCNA Topic Plus More! ($49.99 value)
  • How & Why We Subnet eWorkbook ($24.99 value)
  • Two Practice Exams.  Both with 101 Questions, Answers and Explanations ($15.98 value)
  • CCNA CRAM Sheet ($14.99 value)
  • TCP/IP Study Poster ($9.99 value)
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CertificationKits Binary Bits Game
  • 50 CCNA Instructional Videos
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco Router Password Decryptor
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Port Scanner nmap-7.80
  • npcap-0.9987 & WinPcap 4.1.3
  • WireShark 1.10.05 & 3.2.1
  • TeraTerm & Putty Terminal Emulators
  • VritualBox 6.1.4
  • IOS Backup as noted above for the routers and switches
  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Series Routers