Cisco CCNA 200-301 G2 Titanium Kit


Cisco CCNA 200-301 G2 Titanium Kit

This is the ultimate kit for the serious CCNA candidate who wants to invest in their networking potential and our top recommendation.  We went through the entire new curriculum for the 300-201 CCNA exam and the 1921 G2 is going to be the best case scenario router that is both affordable and capable of everything you need to learn!.  This kit comes with (3) 1921 base licensed routers, so it will be the closest set of routers, in capability terms, you can get to match Cisco's official recommendation.  This kit also comes with two 2960-TT-L switches (which are an exact IOS matches to the 200-301 exam) paired with a 3750v2 to get the add an extra power boost to your switching!  The 3750v2 is also a fully dynamic, true layer 3 switch!

The 1921 routers in this kit are the base licensed models.  If you are strongly planning on moving into CCNP or want to explore security topics past the CCNA level, we highly recommend selecting the option to upgrade one, both or all three 1921 to 1941 Sec (Base and Security Licensed devices).  These licenses are hardware locked, so if you do not purchase them with the device you will need to go through our trade-up program if you would like to add them later. Licenses are not available as separate options.

This kit includes three Cisco 1921; Integrated Service Routers, Generation 2 (ISR G2) that provide superior services integration and agility.  Two 2960 switches and one 3750v2 switch and everything else you need to round out your lab.  If you are looking for the power to harness your network engineering potential and beyond, this is for you!

We have worked in partnership with Cisco NetAcad instructors and CCIEs to release our kits that are ready for the CCNA 200-301 exam.  This time around, Cisco has released a couple topology options covering their minimum hardware topology/hardware requirements and their recommended requirements and the optimal learning experience. To satisfy the minimum requirement, Cisco is requiring two routers and two switches.  However, our recommendation and Cisco’s recommendation is to run a three router and three switch lab. This is also the topology we write our lab workbook for because we know this is going to best prepare you to pass the CCNA! If you don’t want to go with a three router and three switch setup, don’t worry, you can still do all the labs by scaling back a two router and two switch kit.  Cisco does have a small wireless component that will be part of the new exam, but this is simply a generic wireless router that you likely already have at home.  We do however have an add-on option in this kit to add a Cisco Access Point if you want to go on a deeper dive into wireless.   

CCNA is hotter and trending more than it ever has! Always remember that as the CCNA certification progresses, it proves more and more that you know your stuff! With this, so does the amount of money you can expect to make as a Cisco Certified Network Engineer!  This is one of the fastest growing fields in the world and with that comes the rewards, if you have the drive!  Passing the new CCNA demonstrates that you have the skills and know what it takes to advance quickly in the IT world.  We promise you, scouts and HR representatives are hunting down qualified CCNAs more than ever before.

All of our CCNA 200-301 Ready Kits will come with the 200-125 study materials to get you started.  We have a brand new digital reader program we are very excited about releasing and will be sending out the free digital upgrade to the 200-301 Theory Book, Lab Workbook and Revised Subnetting Guide by mid-March 2020.  So, you get BOTH sets of study materials and that means extra content and extra labs!  What do you have to lose?  We will continue to bring you only the best labs on the market!  These have been test proven and have helped thousands obtain their certifications over our 20+ years of being the premiere source for Cisco lab kits.  These are written by not only by highly certified individuals, but by passionate, hands on professionals who work with students every day and know what it takes to succeed through experience! 

Real hardware will always be the best solution to best prepare you for certification and career success!  We can assure you that HR representatives will be thrilled to know that you have worked on real equipment and even have your own lab equipment!  We are even finding that, “What does your home lab look like?” has become a common interview question as a way to weed out candidates that have never even touched real equipment.  Simulators have spent a long time trying to mimic the real thing and after many years, they are still full of problems and capability issues. If you want to do things the right way, that will give you the best edge you can get on all fronts, real hardware is the best way to go.  Remember, this is an investment in your future that will pay itself off quickly if you are dedicated. Networking remains one of the fastest growing career paths in the world and there is only room to grow!

Nowhere else can you get our copyrighted CertificationKits Self Study CCNA Lab Workbook that will walk you through 60 different labs!  We would confidently argue that we have the best lab workbook on the market that has 1000s of success stories from helping candidates achieve their certification goals! 

You will also get our How and Why We Subnet Workbook that will have you mastering subnetting in no time!  We find that the number one reason for failing the CCNA exam is due to running out of time. This is almost always because too much time was wasted on subnetting questions and not spent on the more difficult configuration questions where time is needed most.  This book does an incredible job of getting you up to lighting speed to whip right through those tedious subnettng questions!   

To cover the theory end of the exam, we provide our theory eBook that breaks everything down into a very easy to understand presentation.  We have refined everything into a bootcamp, slide-like styled book that doesn’t bombard you with endless, redundant text that dances around the key points.  We cover everything and hit the key points right on the head so you are sure to be prepared for anything with a streamlined experience.  

Why would you spend hundreds of dollars or more on a lab kit if you don't get the labs that accompany your equipment?  Other companies offer training packages, but they are generic or simply selling someone else's product that isn’t designed to work directly with your equipment.  To ensure the highest quality, we invest an incredible amount of energy into providing CCNA training materials that are written by us and have been refined for over two decades.  We are passionate about providing the best for our customers and love nothing more than when we get an email back from a customer with a snapshot of their EXAM PASSED certificate.  Also included, is our CertificationKits ICND1, ICND2 & CCNA Exam Simulator with over 450 different questions that will be similar to those you will see on the actual exam. Finally, our TFTP Server, Subnet Calculator, 35 CCNA Instructional Videos and so much more.

Here is a listing of everything included with this kit:

  • Three 1921/K9 ISR G2 512/256 (includes base license) router IOS Universal 157
  • One 3750v2 Fully Dynamic, True Layer Three 24 port FastEthernet with 15.0(2)SE10 IP Services IOS
  • Two 2960-TT-L switches supports 15.0(2) IOS and IPv6 addressing and can do very limited Layer 3 static routing
  • Three Ethernet Patch Cables 
  • Three Ethernet Crossover Cables
  • One Console Cable Kit
  • Six Power Cables
  • One Training CD
  • 1 Year Warranty!

Additional Items Include:

I did not want things to go this far or get this complicated.  I do not like conflict like this.  I am an honest person and a straight shooter.  I do not mean any of this with any ill will or personal negativity. I do not think it was your intention to damage my business.  However I do have a business to protect.  This project not being done as agreed or in relation to any of the deadlines is not acceptable.  I have been patiently waiting for your response to my email from yesterday and I can't just sit here while my company suffers.  I cannot afford to have my business damaged by this a single additional day or my time compromised any further.  I will be escalating this by 5:00PM CST tomorrow with my bank if I don't have an update, an agreement on my proposed terms, and confidence that you will have the theory book done by .2/29.  
I expect $2000.00 of the $3000.00 to be returned to me immediately, 2/26, along with a written guarantee that the theory book will be completed by 2/29.  If that deadline is not met, I will also dispute the other $1000.00.  If you cannot produce the completed book by 2/29, we can discuss compensation for what you have done today and exit the project immediately.  That amount would be below the agreed $1000.00 rate, scaled to the amount of work completed.  
I hope we can work this out between us in a friendly manner and avoid a complicated situation that will take up a considerable amount of both of our time.  Once again, I think it is mutually beneficial that we exit this specific project together in a polite and streamlined way.

The new 200-301 exam has removed the requirement for serial connections.  This is awesome because that means you can get a lab even cheaper than ever before!  However, we do still recommend that you add these on to your labs.  Just because Cisco removed these from the exam does not mean that these have magically disappeared in the field.  Serial connections can still be found everywhere and are especially still extremely common in international networks  On top of that, Security, CCNP, etc still do have a requirement for serial connections and having experience with these only prepares you for moving up the certification tree and encountering these on the job.

Optional 1DSU-T1 Cards and Cables Option Includes:


Two WIC-Crossover Cable

Optional Smart Serial Cards & Cables Bundle Includes:s

Four HWIC Smart serial ports across one or two cards.

You will total four smart serial ports with the smart serial option versus the 1DSU-T1 option

Two Smart to Smart Back to Back Serial Cables

***Why should you consider going with the Smart Serial Option over the 1DSU-T1 option***

The WIC-1DSU-T1v2 Serial cards are a great, budget friendly option for lab purposes.  However, if your budget allows, we always recommend upgrading to the Smart Serial WIC cards and Smart Serial-to-Smart Serial cables.  Smart serial is a more current technology that offers a faster DCE/DTE connection that will also use the same clock rate command you will see when you see serial connections on Cisco exams.  Once again, the WIC-1DSU-T1v2 Serial cards will work just fine (the clock rate command is slightly different and a simple work around), but if you want to be the most up to date and want the clock rate commands to match identically like you would see when you are sitting an exam, the smart serial upgrade is an excellent choice.  

The Optional Wireless Access Point Option comes with an 1142 Wireless AP and the power brick for the unit.  Once again, you do not need this to get through the wireless component of the 200-301 exam.  However, this is a pretty cheap add-on that will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge past the exam.  There is nothing wrong with being a little over-prepared!  

The Supplemental CCNA Training DVD is about 22+ hours of extra CCNA level training in a video format.  Do you need this to pass your exam?  Absolutely not because all the training your need is already included with your kit!  This DVD does cover a lot of legacy material and is not entirely up to date, however it still has a great deal of very useful knowledge that every engineer should know and will run into on the job.  We used to sell this DVD for a few hundred dollars, but have priced it super affordably for those who want to widen the scope of their curriculum.  There is still a lot of overlap here with the current exam, so you will get a lot of topics covered that are on there, just not every topic.   

The FTDI Console Cable Upgrade swaps out the classic console cable for this new solution to complete your console connection. This is our newest option for your console connection. This cable has the new FTDI chip installed and eliminates the need for both the classic console connection and the USB-Serial Adapater!  It goes directly from USB to RJ-45! Another great bonus to this, from our testing, is that it has a near perfect success rate in the break sequence working! (used to reset the router, password recovery, etc). This is a big bonus because the converters can be a bit of a pain in that department.  All around, this is an excellent addition to any techs tool box!  *If you do not have a 9-Pin serial port on your computer (most modern computers do not) or a USB-to-Serial converter, you will need this to complete your console (management) connection.  We highly recommend this.

This is a complete Cisco certification kit and much more than just the hardware to build a lab.  Obviously we include the hardware you need, but we also include ALL of the study material you need to pass your exam in one kit.  No other kit on the market offers such an in-depth solution that will have your prepared from every angle!