Cisco 2811 512/128 Router

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Cisco 2811 256/128 Router

The Cisco 2811 256/128 router is our favorite pick from the 2800 series and has been a long time customer favorite for its exceptional capability at a low price point.. This router will handle the vast majority of the CCNA labs and will even smoothly transition you into CCNP.  This router supports more commands than the 2801, is voice capable and has slots for voice hardware  This router has an additional NM slots over the 2801.  The 128mb compact flash cards leaves plenty of room to install extras like CME.  The 512mb dram upgrade is helpful if you plan on passing a lot of traffic, incorporating this into your home network for practice or want to run heavy voice applications. It comes with two FastEthernet ports and two WIC slots. You can purchase serial cards to insert into the two WIC slots for additional functionality in your Cisco lab. The 2811 256/128 will support 15.1(4) Advanced Enterprise IOS to ensure you get exposure to the latest IOS Cisco offers for this device .We include plenty of extras with this router as well.

Additional Items Included:

  • 15.1(10) Advanced Enterprise
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CCNA Instructional Videos
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco Router Password Decryptor
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Port Scanner nmap-7.80
  • npcap-0.9987 & WinPcap 4.1.3
  • WireShark 1.10.05 & 3.2.1
  • TeraTerm & Putty Terminal Emulators
  • VritualBox 6.1.4
  • IOS Backup as noted above for the routers and switches
  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Series Routers
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Additional Features Include:

  • Mid/High-Density, High Performance Services
  • Security: On-board encryption, up to 800 VPN tunnels (AIM); IOS FW, NAC, IPS, or Content Security
  • Voice: Mid/High-density analog/digital voice with IP Telephony, Voice Mail; CallManager Express or Survivable Remote Site Telephony support for up to 24 IP phones
  • High-performance concurrent security, voice and advanced services to multiple T1/E1 WAN rates
  • Integrated Dual 10/100 ports
  • Optional integration of L2 switching with PoE
  • Enhanced Modularity and Investment Protection
  • Flexible expansion ( 2 HWIC slots), additional concurrent services
  • Existing WIC/VIC/VWIC, AIM support
  • Scalable services deployment and availability features

Software licensing is the responsibility of the buyer and is provided on the IOS backup disc only as an educational use backup of what was loaded on the device when we received it.