CCNA Security and Network Essential v1.0 Skills eWorkbook

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CCNA Security and Network Essential v1.0 Skills eWorkbook 

Passing the CCNA Security certification exam is difficult enough if you are fully prepared by attending a Cisco CCNA Security / Network Essentials v1.0 class with an instructor and you have access to all the proper books and equipment. However, what happens when you go home as it is not reasonable for you to retain all that information you would have been exposed to in a one week boot camp? You will need to setup a CCNA Security / Network Security v1.0 lab in your home or work to really absorb all those concepts and cement them into your brain through actual hands-on application. This is where our CCNA Security / Network Security v1.0 Lab Workbook can help you!

Our eWorkbook not only covers all of the topics covered in the CCNA Security / Network Security v1.0 curriculum, but goes further to develop other security related skills that we consider essential.  On top of that, with the exam updates in 2020, the CCNA Security Certification, is now part of the approved DoD 8570 Baseline certification.  Our eBook is stacked full of the best labs to get you prepared!  

With this release, we even took things a step further by upgrading to our new awesome eBook reader through LockLizard.  This is the same engine that Cisco actually uses to protect and distribute their corporate documents.  This makes it extra cool because it is a format you will see in the field as a working network engineer.  This new ebook reader works on multiple platforms such as PC, MAC, IOS, Android, etc.  We include 2 activations with each purchase so you can install it on a desktop AND a mobile device, for example.  On top of that you can highlight, make notes and work directly with your document.

Please feel free to check out a free demo lab of this ebook:

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The download and install is very straightforward and simple, but if you get stuck, please click here for a help guide on opening your eBook demo or official purchase.  Upon purchase a unique license file and a .pdc file will be emailed to you,

Our 160 page CCNA Security and Essential Skills Lab eWorkbook is a user friendly guide, jam packed with information to help you succeed!    

So let's take a look at the labs covered in this CCNA Security and Essential Skills Lab eWorkbook!

Labs covered:

  • Lab 1-1 Configure Administrative Access & Roles on a Router
  • Lab 1-2 Confiugring Aministrative Roles Using CLI 
  • 2-1 Configure WinRadius and AAA using SDM 
  • 2-2 Configure AAA with RADIUS using CLI 
  • 2-3 Configure AAA Authentication 
  • 3-1 Configure AutoSecure, Banners, Passwords, SSH, CBAC 
  • 3-2 Verify AutoSecure Results 
  • 4-1 Configure a Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) Firewall 
  • 4-2 Configure a Zone-Based Firewall 
  • 4-3 Modify Policies of a Firewall 
  • 5-1 Configure Intrusion Prevention System 
  • 5-2 Configure Syslog & Modify IPS Signatures 
  • 6-1 Configure SSH 
  • 6-2 Secure Trunk & Access Ports 
  • 6-3 Enable PortFast & BPDU Guard 
  • 6-4 Configure SPAN & Monitor Traffic With WireShark 
  • 6-5 Configure Private Vlans 
  • 7-1 Install Kiwi Syslog Server & Configure Logging 
  • 7-2 Configure SNMP Traps & Verify Logs 
  • 8-1 Cisco Policy Builder 
  • 8-2 Apply Basic Security Configuration - Routers 
  • 8-3 Apply Basic Security Configuration - Switches 
  • 9-1 Configure Site to Site VPN Using CLI 
  • 10-1 Configure Extended ACLs Scenario 1 
  • 10-2 Configure Extended ACLs Scenario 2 
  • 10-3 Configure IP ACLs to Mititgate Attacks 
  • 10-4 Configure IPv6 ACLs 119
  • 11-1 Configure Authentication to Secure OSPF Routing Protocol 
  • 12-1 Configure ASA Basic Firewall Settings & Connectivity Using CLI 
  • 12-2 Configure ASA Using ASDM 
  • Appendix A - Router Interface Summary 

If you have an ASA 5505 or 5510, you can even pair the CCNA Security Lab eWorkbook / Network Security v1.0 with our ASA 5500 Firewalls Demystified eBook to really cram down on a whole extra layer of dedicated essential security skills!  These two books build a concrete background for anyone interested in or looking to expand their Cisco security knowledge.

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