Cisco Catalyst 3560-24PS

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Cisco Catalyst 3560-24PS

24 Ethernet 10/100 ports with PoE and 2 SFP ports

This Cisco 3560 Layer Three 24 port FastEthernet switch with 12.2 IOS supports the features you need to help you pass your CCNA , CCNP and CCIE exams. The PS designation means you can supply PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to provide power to via teh FastEthernet cable to devices such as your IP Phones and Wireless Access Points.

The Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series is a line of fixed-configuration, enterprise-class switches that include IEEE 802.3af and Cisco prestandard Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet configurations. The Cisco Catalyst 3560 is an ideal access layer switch for small enterprise LAN access or branch-office environments, combining both 10/100/1000 and PoE configurations for maximum productivity and investment protection while enabling the deployment of new applications such as IP telephony, wireless access, video surveillance, building management systems, and remote video kiosks.

Includes power cable and below materials on out study tools disc:

Additional Items Include:

  • c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-58.SE2
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CertificationKits Binary Bits Game
  • 50 CCNA Instructional Videos
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco Router Password Decryptor
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Port Scanner nmap-7.80
  • npcap-0.9987 & WinPcap 4.1.3
  • WireShark 1.10.05 & 3.2.1
  • TeraTerm & Putty Terminal Emulators
  • VritualBox 6.1.4
  • IOS Backup as noted above for the routers and switches
  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Series Routers


 Software licensing is the responsibility of the buyer and is provided on the IOS backup disc only as an educational use backup of what was loaded on the switch when we received it.  Please note that the PoE version of this switch is IOS 12 capable.