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Console Kit USB to Serial Converter


Console Kit USB to Serial Converter

If the computer in your Cisco Certification lab does not have a 9 pin serial port on it(you only have USB serial ports), you will need this USB to Serial converter to use your console kit so you can configure your Cisco routers and switches(please note this does not replace the Console Kit, it converts it so you still need the Console Kit) in your Cisco Certification lab.

The USB to serial adapter provides an external plug and play RS-232 serial connection with your computer, which allows you to free up your existing serial port.  Users have the capability to utilize the adapter with serial port interface in an easy to use environment.  The adapter is designed for connections to cellular phone, PDAs, Digital cameras, Modems, or ISDN terminal adpaters through your USB port with up to 230kbps data transfer rate.

- Supports automatic handshake mode.
- Works with cellular phones, PDA, Digital cameras, Modems, and ISDN terminal adapters.
- Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP,Mac 8.6 and higher, Linux with the included CD.  The driver for Vista is available for download from Microsoft's site.
- Supports remote wake-up and power management
- Frees your RS-232 ports for other uses