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Cisco Platinum CCNA & CCNP Lab Kit


Product Description

Cisco Platinum CCNA & CCNP Lab Kit

This Platinum CCNP Kit is the exact topology used in the Cisco CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT Cisco Academy Lab Companion Workbooks. It will assist you on your CCNA 200-125, CCNA Security 210-260 and CCNP exams. So it will do three exams in one! *We do suggest adding a ASA-5505 to do two of the CCNA Security labs.

You get routers and switches that will help you get hands on experience in most of the CCNP disciplines for the ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT exams. The great thing about this kit is that all of it can be used in our CCIE topology after you pass your CCNP tests! The major difference in this kit compared to our other kits is that it comes with the exact 1841 routers, 3560 and 2960 switches, wireless controller, wireless access points and IP Phones for your Voice and Wireless disciplines in the SWITCH module. This kit will support 80 labs covered over 800 pages using the Cisco Academy CCNP Lab manuals!

Even though this is a great kit, we still allow you to tweak it to your specifications as highlighted below:

  • The base 1841 256/64 allows you to run Advanced IP Services IOS 15.1(4). The 384/128 upgrade allows for multiple IOSes.
  • The 2801 upgrade is also a dual FE ISR router that offers two additional HWIC slots over the 1841 with enhanced functionality, dual AIM slots and PVDM slots on the motherboard for future Voice use. 256/64 runs 15.1 IP Base and 384/128 runs IOS 15.1 Advanced IP Services for CCNA Security.
  • The 2811 upgrade can do everything the 2801 can and more. It is more flexible, has additional Network Module slots and is the preferred router to match up with the CCNA Voice lab workbook. 512/128 runs IOS 15.1(4). Advanced IP Services for CCNA Security and Advanced Enterprise Services for CCNA Voice.
  • The 2821 upgrade has all the functionality the 2811 does plus two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. This way if you are going to use it in your home network, you can have blazing fast speeds! 512/128 runs IOS 15.1(4). Advanced IP Services for CCNA Security and Advanced Enterprise Services for CCNA Voice.

Listed below are the componets of the kit of which you can select any of the upgrades we described above.

  • Tested and Guaranteed working!!
  • Four 1841 Dual Ethernet 256/64 15.1(4) IOS Routers for Firewall concepts
  • Two 3560-TS Layer 3 15.0(2)SE6 IOS Switches
  • Two 2960-TT-L 15.0(2)SE6 IOS Switches
  • One 2106 Wireless Controller
  • Two Cisco 1231 Wireless Access Points
  • Two Cisco 7960 IP Phones and power cubes
  • Eight WIC-1DSU-T1v2 Serial Modules
  • Four WIC Serial Crossover Cables
  • Four Ethernet Patch Cables
  • Ten Crossover Ethernet Patch Cables
  • One Console Cable Kit
  • 13 Power Cords
  • Additional Items Include:
  • CertificationKits CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT Boot Camp Study Guide eBooks ($59.97 value)
  • 470 Page CCNA Lab Workbook Covering 60+ Labs! ($44.99 value)
  • How & Why We Subnet Workbook ($19.99 value)
  • CCENT, ICND2 & CCNA Practice Exam Simulators ($149.97 value) (Includes practice test files and trial of software.  Software requires paid activation past the free trial) 
  • CCENT, ICND2 & CCNA Boot Camp Study Guide eBooks ($89.97 value)
  • CCNA CRAM Sheet ($14.99 value)
  • TCP/IP Study Poster ($9.99 value)
  • CertificationKits TFTP Server
  • CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
  • CertificationKits Binary Bits Game
  • 50 CCNA Instructional Videos
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco Router Password Decryptor
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Port Scanner
  • WinPcap 4.1.3
  • WireShark 1.10.05
  • IOS Backup as noted above for the routers and switches
  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Series Routers

Upgrade Option to Smart Serial Cards Includes:
(Replaces 1DSU-T1 cards and WIC-Crossover Cables)

Four WIC-2A/S Modules
Four Smart to Smart Back to Back Serial Cables

 ***Why should you consider upgrading from the HWIC/WIC-1DSU-T1 Serial cards to the Smart Serial Cards?***

 The WIC-1DSU-T1v2 Serial cards are a great, budget friendly option for lab purposes.  However, if your budget allows, we always recommend upgrading to the smart serial WIC cards and Smart Serial-to-Smart Serial cables.  Smart serial is a more current technology that offers a faster DCE/DTE connection that will also use the same clock rate command you will see in all of your labs on every exam, regardless the level.  Once again, the WIC-1DSU-T1v2 Serial cards will work just fine (the clock rate command is slightly different and that difference is covered in our CCNA Lab Workbook), but if you want to be the most up to date and want the clock rate commands to match identically like you would see when you are sitting your exam, the smart serial upgrade is an excellent choice.  

The FTDI Console Cable Upgrade swaps out the classic console cable for this new solution to complete your console connection. This is our newest option for your console connection. This cable has the new FTDI chip installed and eliminates the need for both the classic console connection and the USB-Serial Adapater!  It goes directly from USB to RJ-45! Another great bonus to this, from our testing, is that it has a near perfect success rate in the break sequence working! (used to reset the router, password recovery, etc). This is a big bonus because the converters can be a bit of a pain in that department.  All around, this is an excellent addition to any techs tool box!  *If you do not have a 9-Pin serial port on your computer (most modern computers do not) or a USB-to-Serial converter, you will need this to complete your console (management) connection.  We highly recommend this.

These are the same study guides you would receive if you attend one of our CCNP boot camps. The CCNP ROUTE 300-101 study guide is 273 pages long and follows the format of an official curriculum book in that it has a Power Point slide at the top of each page and text describing the concept below it. The SWITCH 300-115 study guide is 245 pages and the TSHOOT study guide is 173 pages.

So how are we able to deliver all three study guides normally priced $59.97 for the special bundled price of $49.99? It is delivered in a locked eBook format (this is to prevent illegal sharing as we spent over 1,000 hours creating it). We cover all the topics on the new Cisco exams. Below we have outlined the chapters covered and provided a sample slide and a PDF sample chapter covering Implementing an EIGRP Based Solution.

Implementing an EIGRP Based Solution

Chapter 1 – Planning Routing Services
Chapter 2 – Implementing an EIGRP based Solution
Chapter 3 – Implementing a Multi-Area OSPF Solution
Chapter 4 – Implementing an IPv4 Based Solution
Chapter 5 – Implementing Path Control
Chapter 6 – Connecting an Enterprise to an ISP Network
Chapter 7 – Implementing IPv6


Below we have outlined the chapters covered and provided a sample slide and a PDF sample chapter covering Implementing Spanning Tree.

Implementing Spanning Tree

Chapter 1 – Analyzing Campus Network Designs
Chapter 2 – Implementing VLANs in a Campus Network
Chapter 3 – Implementing Spanning Tree
Chapter 4 – Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing
Chapter 5 – Implementing First Hop Redundancy
Chapter 6 – Implementing a Highly Available Network
Chapter 7 – Minimizing Service Loss & Data Theft
Chapter 8 – Intergrating Wireless LAN into a Campus Network
Chapter 9 – Accomodating Voice & Video in a Campus Network


Below we have outlined the chapters covered and provided a sample slide and a PDF sample chapter covering Troubleshooting Routing Based Solutions.

Implementing Spanning Tree

Chapter 1 – Planning Maintenance for Complex Networks
Chapter 2 – Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tools & Applications
Chapter 3 – Troubleshooting Processes for Complex Enterprise Networks
Chapter 4 – Maintaining & Troubleshooting Campus Switch Based Problems
Chapter 5 – Maintaining & Troubleshooting Routing Based Solutions
Chapter 6 – Maintaining & Troubleshooting Network Security Solutions

Below are the labs which are covered in the lab manuals described above. Please make sure you scroll all the way down to see all the items included in this kit.

CCNP Lab Workbook - Optional
Lab 1-1 Tcl Script Reference and Demonstration
Lab 2-1 EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies
Lab 2-2 EIGRP Load Balancing
Lab 2-3 EIGRP Summarization and Default Network Advertisement
Lab 2-4 EIGRP Frame Relay Hub-and-Spoke: Router Used as a Frame Relay Switch
Lab 2-5 EIGRP Authentication and Timers
Lab 2-6 EIGRP Challenge Lab
Lab 2-7 Troubleshooting EIGRP
Lab 3-1 Single-Area OSPF Link Costs and Interface Priorities
Lab 3-2 Multi-Area OSPF with Stub Areas and Authentication
Lab 3-3 OSPF Virtual Links and Area Summarization
Lab 3-4 OSPF over Frame Relay
Lab 3-5 OSPF Challenge Lab
Lab 3-6 OSPF Troubleshooting Lab
Lab 3-7 OSPF Case Study
Lab 4-1 Redistribution Between RIP and OSPF
Lab 4-2 Redistribution Between EIGRP and OSPF
Lab 4-3 Manipulating Administrative Distances
Lab 4-4 EIGRP and OSPF Case Study
Lab 5-1 Configure and Verify Path Control
Lab 5-2 Configure IP SLA Tracking and Path Control
Lab 6-1 Configuring BGP with Default Routing
Lab 6-2 Using the AS_PATH Attribute
Lab 6-3 Configuring IBGP and EBGP Sessions, Local Preference, and MED
Lab 6-4 BGP Route Reflectors and Route Filters
Lab 6-5 BGP Case Study
Lab 7-1 Configure Routing Facilities to the Branch Office
Lab 8-1 Configuring OSPF for IPv6
Lab 8-2 Using Manual IPv6 Tunnels with EIGRP for IPv6
Lab 8-3 Configuring 6to4 Tunnels
Lab 8-4 IPv6 Challenge Lab
Lab 8-5 IPv6 Troubleshooting Lab

Lab 1-1 Clearing a Switch
Lab 1-2 Clearing a Switch Connected to a Larger Network
Lab 2-1 Static VLANS, VLAN Trunking, and VTP Domains and Modes
Lab 2-2 Configuring EtherChannel
Lab 3-1 Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Default Behavior
Lab 3-2 Modifying Default Spanning Tree Behavior
Lab 3-4 Multiple Spanning Tree
Lab 4-1 Inter-VLAN Routing with an External Router
Lab 4-2 Inter-VLA Routing with an Internal Route Processo and Monitoring CFE Functions
Lab 4-3 VLANs, VTP, and Inter-VLAN Routing Case Study
Lab 5-1 Hot Standby Router Protocol
Lab 5-2 IP Service Level Arrangements in a Campus Environment
Lab 6-1 Securing Layer 2 Switches
Lab 6-2 Securing Spanning Tree Protocol
Lab 6-3 Securing VLANs with Private VLANs, RACLs, and VACLs
Lab 7-1 Configuring Switches for IP Telephony Support
Lab 7-2 Configuring a WLAN Controller
Lab 7-3 Voice and Security in a Switched Network

Lab 3-1 Assembing Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools
Lab 4-1 Layer 2 Connectivity and Spanning Tree
Lab 4-2 Layer 3 Switching and First-Hop Redundancy
Lab 5-1 Layer 3 Connectivity and EIGRP
Lab 5-2 OSPF and Roue Redistribution
Lab 5-3 BGP
Lab 6-1 IP Addressing - Nat and DHCP
Lab 7-1 Router Performance
Lab 9-1 Management Plane Security
Lab 9-2 Control Plane Management
Lab 9-3 Data Plane Security
Lab 9-4 Troubleshooting Complex Environments

This is a complete Cisco certification kit and much more than just hardware to build a lab. Obviously we include the hardware you need but we also include ALL of the study material you need to pass your exam in one kit which we will show you samples of below. No other kit contains a physical 450+ page CCNA Lab Workbook, a physical 100 page Subnetting workbook, our three ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA practice exam simulators so that you can break your exam studies up in the way that best fits your study style. These practice exam simulators are so good that when they are purchased as a solo product we offer our Pass Guarantee. Then we also include our ICND1 100-105, ICND2 200-105, and CCNA 200-125 Boot Camp Study Guides in Windows eBook format. These are not pirated copies of eBooks, but fully licensed copies that are 436, 384, and 780 pages respectively! So let’s take a look at some of these samples and then we will get to all of the other materials we include which we have not mentioned yet!

CCNA Lab Workbook

Here is a sample topology from our 450+ page CCNA Lab Workbook that will walk you through over 60 labs. You can see them all listed at the bottom of this page. Notice how we have redundant links and combine both WAN and LAN technologies in our lab as they each use different encapsulation types. These are the types of complex labs that will help you actually learn the topics in the CCNA exam. This is a $44.99 value alone.


Sample CCNA EIGRP Lab Topology

Click here to download the sample CCNA EIGRP Lab


Subnetting Lab Workbook

Now let’s take a look at a portion of a chapter in our subnetting workbook by downloading the sample chapter in pdf format here. Notice we explain the theory behind the process and then give you written lab exercises at the end of each section. You will get over 100 practice questions to burn subnetting into your brain! Keep in mind you will receive the full printed book when you order the kit. This is a $19.99 value alone.

ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Exam Simulator

Now let’s take a look at a sample of our CCNA exam simulator program which you can download a trial version here. Notice that these are not simple questions like what protocol runs on port 21. You have to be able to read and understand the topology, comprehend the different subnets shown and understand what they infer that Cisco is not going to tell you and then draw conclusions based upon the problem that is described in the question. These are not the kind of questions you can brain dump. These force you to learn the concepts covered on the exam and prepare you for the types of questions you will see on the exam. We also provided detailed explanations on why each possible answer is right or wrong. You need to understand why you answered questions incorrectly so you don’t make the same mistake twice! These are so good that when purchased as a solo product we offer our Pass Guarantee. Each one of these normally costs $49.99 each when purchased separately for a total value of $149.97. Compare this to the exam simulators offered by Transcender for $139 or Measure-Up for $99 per exam!

CCNA Exam Simulator

ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Boot Camp eBooks

We also include Windows eBooks from our ICND1 100-105, ICND2 200-105 and CCNA 200-125 boot camps (these are not pirated eBooks). You can click the link to download a PDF sample of our Advanced IOS Management chapter. We offer these eBooks individually for $29.99 each but we include all three in our kits for free! That is an $89.97 value.


CCNA Book Sample

CRAM Sheet, TCP/IP Poster & CCNA CBT Training DVD

You will also get our CCNA CRAM Sheet. This six page, full color laminated foldout is a great addition to your CCNA study arsenal which is easy to carry around so you can study the exam key points anywhere. You will also get our CCNA TCP/IP Study Poster to hand in your cube or study area. It compares and contrasts many of the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 for your CCNA exam. You can also add as an option to your kit our CCNA CBT DVD. This CCNA computer based training is comprised of 44 videos that total more than 22 hours of CCNA training that you can get as a $50 add-on to your kit. This is the same instruction you would receive it you sat in a full week CCNA boot camp.



Having a problem with one of our lab scenarios? We include free lifetime support for our customers. Just shoot us an email and we will help you through it!

The total value of our study materials that are added to your kit is $329.90! You will need to have these extra items like a lab workbook, subnet workbook, practice exams and study guides. Why buy them elsewhere when you can get them for free with your kit? The total value of these items are more than the cost of most of our kits and it is all included for FREE!

Additional Tools and Study Material Included

We also include a ton of other cool things to make your lab experience the best it can be such as our TFTP Server so you can do your IOS upgrade labs, our Subnet Calculator for praticing subnetting, our Binary Bits game to make learning Binary fun, 50 Instructional videos and the many more tools listed below!

Additional Items Include:
CertificationKits TFTP Server
CertificationKits Subnet Calculator
CertificationKits Binay Bits Game
50 CCNA Instructional Videos
Cisco Network Assistant
Cisco Router Password Decryptor
Cisco VPN Client
Port Scanner
WinPcap 4.1.3
WireShark 1.10.05
IOS Backup as applicable to the kit Routers and Switches
Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) 2.8 for 1841/2800 Routers

Lab Workbook
What is covered in our 450 page CCNA Lab Workbook? Below you will see listed all the labs in the workbook. Please note that depending on the routers and switches in your lab, you may or may not be able to fully complete every lab.
Chapter 1 – Networks Defined
Chapter 2 – CIsco Router and Switch Interfaces plus Ethernet
Chapter 3 – Managing a Cisco Internetwork
Chapter 4 – TCP/IP Addressing & Subnetting
Chapter 5 – IP Routing
Chapter 6 – Layer 3 Redundancy
Chapter 7 – Advanced TCP/IP
Chapter 8 – Security
Chapter 9 – Internet Connectivity Using Network Address Translation
Chapter 10 – Switching
Chapter 11 - Introduction to IPv6
Chapter 12 - Support for Network Management Protocols
Chapter 13 – Wide Area Networks
Chapter 14 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining Switch Based Problems
Chapter 15 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining Routing Based Solutions
Chapter 16 - Cloud Computing
Chapter 17 - Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Chapter 18 - Wireless LAN
Lab 15-1 Installing & Configuring Cisco Configuration Professional

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